Salvation or Right Guidance? Some reflections on the „Theological Forum Christianity – Islam“

Taylor fasst in seinem Beitrag zunächst eine zentrale Erkenntnis der verschiedenen Tagungsbeiträge zusammen:

„It is a false alternative for both Muslims and Christians to characterize their own or their neighbours’ religion in an either/or contrast between dependence on Law or Grace. Both religions are enriched by a sense of God’s gracious dispensation of mercy and justice, of right guidance and offer of responsibility.“

Daneben betont er die Bedeutung des gemeinsamen Gesprächs und zeichnet davon ausgehend eine Zukunftsperspektive für das Theologische Forum Christentum – Islam:

„The future direction of the present stimulating and exciting deliberations of this group may accordingly include a dimension of actual dialogue with Muslim partners, and a widening of the agenda beyond the »theological« to the »social« and the ’spiritual‘. […] The wide variety of tendencies and even sectarian allegiances in our world-wide Islamic neighbours need to be taken seriously so that Arab or Turkish models are set alongside Asian, African and European manifestations of Islam. The perspectives of Muslim and Christian women need to be further high-lighted and the questions and convictions of young people need to be given appreciative attention.“

Ein solcher Dialog stelle einen wichtigen Beitrag der Arbeit an einer gerechteren Welt dar.

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